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I want the VMS Radio's Slow Jams!!!

Want the VMS Radio's  Slow Jams in your city???

I can’t tell you how many calls I get, week after week, from people making dedications that can’t even hear the show! For example, I get dozens of calls from Dallas and Houston every  night (why my show is not on), from people making  detications to their loved ones in other cities that do have the show. I think it is a shame that these good people cannot hear the show–the same program that their distant lover is listening to–it would be great if both parties could listen to the show together.

So what can you do?

If every person that called me from cities where my show is not on, would just call and write their local radio stations, I believe those stations would carry my show. I think either some radio stations don’t know about the show, or just don’t think there’s enough demand for it–but you and I know differently.

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